Precepts of the Blessed Hope
A View of the Types and the Great Light From Above


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God's promises to Israel are among His earliest and most enduring. Although Christ brought to the Gentile nations a better covenant established on better promises, Israel is still the world's most important nation. She is God's chosen and blessed nation. She will soon return to prominence and glory, thereby giving God glory. The Christian church has not replaced Israel; rather, it has a differing place today and destiny in the future. The above is the foundation upon which Don Mills lays the substance of his eminently readable book, Precepts of the Blessed Hope.

Although Mills has studied his subject extensively—and he explains it so thoroughly that those who read the book can claim something of the same—Precepts is not an overwrought and sophistic academic treatise. Although the book is technical in nature, each assertion being undergirded by a multitude of scriptural supports, Mills manages to keep each page full of substance without being unbearably dense. Clear, easy delivery, coupled with Mills's earnest and colloquial writing style, makes the subject matter as accessible to the layman as to the scholar. Any misgivings with the book are really only nitpicks: an occasional "straw man" argument appears, perhaps in the form of "Most people believe X," without delving deeply into proving that most people do. This is entirely academic, however: Mills's work never pretends to be written for peer review in ivory towers; it seems rather intended to get an important message to the church. For that purpose, it performs admirably.

In summary, Precepts of the Blessed Hope is an excellent resource on the subjects of the End Times and also how believers should respond to prophetic Scriptures. Think you've heard it all before? Think again. Mills brings up many provocative points rarely—if ever—mentioned in Christian circles today, even among those who spend ages in the Bible. These points—or perhaps we should call them precepts—are too often ignored by too many people. Are they necessary for salvation? Hardly. Are they necessary for the church to be useful? Quite possibly. Are they useful to help better understand certain perplexing aspects of Scriptures and to master some extremely important concepts that God wants His church to know? Undoubtedly.

Luke Salava
I have been engaged as a peace officer, peace officer chaplain, victim advocate, investigator, pastor, and student of the Bible for over 38 years - I value the Word of God - the Bible; The Way. The Truth, and The Life - Jesus Christ; The Trinity: God, The Father God, The Son - Jesus Christ, God, The Holy Spirit - Three In One! - and well and complete thought out logic and reasoning. Upon reading Don Mills' book - 'Precepts of the Blessed Hope' - I found an excellent study of the Word of God using a verse by verse - in context - based on the whole counsel of God in the Bible - that provides a confident and comforting presentation verifying and proving the already known truth of the pretribulation rapture. Don brings forth Scriptural evidence 'connecting the dots' from Old and New Testament Scriptures with deep insight of his research to bless all of us with the truth of our blessed hope - in these times of false teaching, false prophets, and heresy in these end times. May his reward in heaven be great!

Chaplain Richard 'Rico' Predovich much more than a list of reasons...
– Rex Price III –

In his book, 'Precepts of the Blessed Hope', Don Mills offers so much more than a list of reasons and proofs for placing the timing of the Blessed Hope before Daniel's 70th Week or the Tribulation.

Mills has done an outstanding job of compiling and illustrating the most amazing biblical types which are found in the Old Testament. Again and again these biblical types illustrate the Blessed Hope that Christ will soon return for his bride before the Tribulation.

Mills peels back the layers of prophecy by clearly defining the distinctions between the usage of the titles 'Son of Man' and 'Son of God' as well as between God's earthly promises to Israel and his heavenly promises to the church, taking the reader deeper and closer to the core of understanding God's prophetic Word; past, present and future.

The reader quickly learns that a correct understanding of prophecy can only be attained by understanding who Jesus was speaking to; be it the Jews, the church or the Gentiles.

'Precepts' systematically dismantles many misconceptions about biblical prophecy as it pertains to both the Jew and the Christian and should be required reading for all students of God's Word, but especially for those who are passionate about understanding prophecy in these last days.

Rex Price III

Church & Ministry Webservant
From The Messianic Times
Review by Gabriel Patton

Messianic Times One of the most admirable qualities in any person of faith is an unending willingness to share the truth with anyone who will listen. Equally important is the ability to honestly take note when presented with a Biblical interpretation, even if one may not agree. When a subject like the end of the world is being discussed, there are bound to be strong differences of opinion. Some will be fatalistic, while others see all destruction as the indispensible forbearer of creation.

The Church’s role in the tribulation has been debated since Yeshua’s ascension. Most posttribulation theologians rely heavily upon the Book of Revelation to firm up their viewpoint, as do many pre-tribulation believers. Don Mills employs typology, perceiving characters and stories as allegories that foreshadowed the New Testament, and then interprets them accordingly. His hope is that this illumination of the Word will help all believers see all the “beautiful and lovely Bible types” as they concern the bride of the Messiah. Under this rubric, he explicates the blessed hope for believers through interpretation of Old Testament stories, directly or analogously, to the Body of the Messiah, and the timing of the rapture in the context of the “End Times,” using Scriptural analysis to explain why he believes in a pre-tribulation rapture scenario.

Mills has no illusions about what he is up against. “I have also been told on more than one occasion that the pre-trib view of the rapture is ‘of the devil.’ This shows me there is a lack of love and tolerance for other Christians, and that’s dangerous.” Mills gives an example of typology, “Israel was called the wife of God. Moses led the Israelites through the Red Sea to the Promised Land, away from Pharaoh and his chariots. How can the Church think that the Lord would do anything less for His bride? God did not leave Israel at the water’s edge to be slaughtered; neither will He leave the bride to be slaughtered in the tribulation.”

One of the ancillary concerns Mills addresses is the unintentional embrace of replacement theology in contemporary Christianity. He provides examples of how some theologians have made up their minds toward a post-tribulation doctrine, and then draw on New Testament text to the exclusion of what has been plainly spelled out in the Old Testament. Essentially, these theologians decide on a principle that feels right to them and then they cherry-pick verses to shore it up. The result of their methodology is rarely doctrinal, and usually results in misguided souls engaging in snake-handling and prosperity theology. Mills instead utilizes a comprehensive approach to the Scriptures to make his suppositions. With study of the Word and gentle instruction, he arrives at conclusions that may startle some, anger others, and reassure the rest.

Given the topic, Precepts of the Blessed Hope is a surprisingly quick read. This is a well-written tome on one of the more contentious issues of the modern Church. Mills handles the subject matter simply and delicately, with the knowledge that the Word is the most powerful tool in his arsenal, one which he uses to great effect. Ultimately, this book will accomplish what any great exegetical work hopes to do to its readers. It will make them think.
Your book is fantastic!
– Amy Van Gerpen –

Your book is fantastic! Believe it or not I had never heard or made the connection of John the "beloved" being the Church outside of the calling up to Heaven in Revelation 4. I didn't realize there were so many parallels there! I also really liked your chapter on the "martyrs" in light of Tabernacles. When I get around to putting my Revelation commentary together I would like to use a few quotes from the section on the "martyrs". I can let you know ahead of time when I get that far what I'd like to use.

I really liked the poem on page 17 that introduces the types. If you are OK with it, I'd like to put that at the beginning of my "Prophetic Patterns in Numbers" study and cite your book there. Also, I think it would be good to mention your book at the end of that article. People that like that study will surely be interest in your book!

...I recommend that you check out the book "Precepts of the Blessed Hope", by Don Mills, who graciously shared his book with me. I found many more prophetic patterns that I had overlooked. I was greatly blessed by this book and even more assured that the rapture is truly pre-Tribulation.


Amy Van Gerpen
...moved me deeply
– Mike L. –

First off, I am SO grateful for the book you sent me, "Precepts of the Blessed Hope". That book is so very awesome and has moved me deeply, as well as been a big help, as I've been sharing and helping young believers and others to see that this teaching of the rapture fits soundly into the picture God has painted clear from the Old Testament. Thank you so much, Don.
– Anne Hughes –

Just a quick note to tell you thank you again for your book. It is the best book I have ever read (except the bible of course) and I read a lot. I just reread it and wow!! Like the peel of an onion comes off exposing the onion, that is what your book is doing to me. I just am amazed at the Feast of weeks and the martyrs what an amazing read. I have learned so much and the thrill of discovering new things even after I read it some time ago is just fantastic Good news. I know that I speak for any truly seeking Christian that your addition to the Kingdom is a real blessing.

In Christ,
Anne Hughes
An excellent job
– Casey Kelly Reynolds, Bible Teacher –

Biblical prophecy is not only prediction and fulfillment it is also pattern. In his book: "Precepts of the Blessed Hope" Don Mills does an excellent job of detailing some of these patterns concerning the Rapture. I highly recommend this book not only for the detailed topic content but to introduce the reader to a deeper understanding of how the Holy Spirit uses prophetic patterns in general.
Do you understand end times and Bible prophecy?
– Lee Bunch, Teaching Way of The Master –

"A new book on Bible prophecy and end times. But will I be able to understand it?", were my thoughts as I started reading the book. Much to my delight, it is easily understood and Mr. Mills has done a great job at presenting some difficult subjects for the Christian community. The rapture, replacement theology, the tribulation and end times are some of the toughest for us to understand. This book needs to be read only a few pages at a time so you can digest and understand the subjects that are presented. Also, this book needs to be read more than once (at least for me) and to keep it handy on the bookshelf for reference.

Thanks for an awesome book!
Easy to Understand
– Tom –

"Don brings out the precepts and types in a way that's easy to understand. Readers of all levels will find his style refreshing. There was much in this book I had not before considered as relating to the rapture of the church. I have been pondering especially the Old Testament types Don presented, and plan to read the book again soon."
Your Book Helped Me Understand...
– Michael –

I tried to call when To Every Man An Answer was on the air, but I couldn't get through. The callers were trying to get answers about the rapture, and I just wanted to say how much your book helped me understand, and the relief it gave me and my wife. Knowing we will be up in heaven with a front row seat...
A Frame By Frame Vantage
– Ron H. –

As we look over our shoulder, we see the providential hand of God detailed in the words of prophecy-Israel has regained the land. But, as we fix our gaze to the future, the landscape is cluttered with pre-trib, mid-trib, and post-trib view points. "Precepts of the Blessed Hope" gives us a picture perfect, frame by frame, vantage; we clearly see the distinction between Church and State (Israel), which leads to a quick resolve - Jesus will return to earth with his Saints (Church), (Zechariah 14:5).
Excellent Book
– Skip J. –

I want you to know that you have written an excellent book in regards to the pre-tribulation rapture, eschatology, and the position of the church in Bible prophecy. This is a clear and documented work showing the order of end time events and is very informative for Christians who live in the 21st century. This book shows strong evidence that the church and Israel are absolutely different entities. The church is not the "New Israel", and the current Israel is not the church, although there are certainly true believers living in Israel. Actually, Jews who love Jesus are true Jews because Jesus was Jewish as well as all of the apostles and the writers of the Old Testament, which prophecy of and about Jesus the Messiah. This is a very interesting and quite intellectual work.

Thank you, Don!
Very Good
– Thomas R. W. –

Again thank you for a copy of your book, and to tell you again how I enjoyed it. The passion you obviously carry to this subject, and the intense work that clearly you undertook is easily discernable. I especially like your refreshing, and for me a new approach to the "feast of tabernacles." You should also add a note on the convocation held on the eighth day, Leviticus 23:36. The eighth day is always a pointer to Jesus Christ. I appreciated also your view of the Olivet discourse, and your chapter on the Old Testament saints, very good.
Your Book Review
– Penny –

At the Pastor's Wives Conference in CA, I was rooming with five other pastor's wives and I was telling them about your book and I said, "Do you want me to read some to you tonight?" And they said yes! So that night before we went to sleep I was reading to them about our Blessed Hope! It was awesome and they loved it!
A Great Service
– George Bryson, Director, Calvary Chapel Church Planting Mission –

Don Mills has done the church a great service. He has taken what should be the "settled opinion" of believers, and clarified and reinforced it through the use of biblical types. In Precepts of the Blessed Hope you will not find new doctrine. You will "see" the truths related to the biblical doctrine of End Times in 3D. I’m old enough to remember when television was only black and white. Then along came color – what a difference! Some people are understandably afraid to consider biblical types because historically they have been misused. The real purpose of types, as you will discover in Precepts of the Blessed Hope, is to add "living color" to truths already clearly taught in scripture.
A Blessing In So Many Ways
– Don M. –

Precepts of the Blessed Hope is exactly that; a blessing in so many ways. I started out with a hunger to process the information, and realized it was a book to be savored. At times I read a chapter, a paragraph or even a sentence, and instantly went to my Bible. I wanted to see what it said for myself, every time the book was right in line with the WORD! I learned so much and I am truly thankful for my Lord and Savior, Holy Spirit,and my Father in Heaven for inspiring my brother Don!

Don McArthur
Look 4 God Ministries
Thoroughly Enjoyable Read
– Stu F. –

Hi Don,
As someone who has been a student of the "Blessed Hope" for many years, your book was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Especially the chapter entitled "The Elect." This is a subject that, in my opinion, most writers have gotten wrong. You nailed it, good job.
Stu F.
Thanks for the excellent book
– Gary H. –

Don, I just returned from Kansas City and found your book PRECEPTS OF THE BLESSED HOPE waiting on my desk. I've been reading it this morning (Saturday) and it's great! I'm reading the chapter on Matthew 24 right now (almost finished) and it's outstanding. It really is unfortunate that this wonderful chapter has been so widely misunderstood. As you said, one of the keys is to recognize that the Lord was speaking to Jewish believers who represented Israel. God bless you, Don!
"Good Reading"
– Dave H. –

I just have to tell you that I just read your book, Precepts Of The Blessed Hope.

I saw this book on the CSN website and heard about it on the radio, too. By far this is the best book I have read on the end times; I could not put the book down. I received the book on a Thursday and 6 days later I was done.

I read every night after work till the words all ran together, looking up every verse in my Bible. I prayed every night before I started that God would open my heart and let the Holy Spirit reveal all He had for me, and boy did it work. I just don't know what to say? God sure is talking through this book! A must read for every Christian.

Thank You for your obedience in writing this book.
Dave H.
"Your Kindness"
– Nate –

Hi Don,
Thanks for taking your time to give John and me a tour of your facility and sharing your ministry. And, for the generous gift of your excellent book. Your presentation of the Rapture and setting forth the Replacement Theology issue is truly definitive. Bringing clarity to these issues is greatly needed as I fear they are poorly understood by most Christians. I suspect thinking about these great issues is rather rare by most pastors, teachers and churches.

While reading your book I was also reading a 2008 book by Julie Fisher entitled Israel's New Disciples published by Monarch Press. Julie presents her experience with 14 Messianic Jewish believers in which they report their stories as to what God is doing in Israel. I was struck by the similarities of your concerns regarding the errors of Replacement Theology and those of several of the New Disciples.

"Love your book"
– Kim T. –

Mr. Mills,
I ordered your book, Precepts of the Blessed Hope (and actually spoke a long time on the phone with you the other day, when I was thinking about ordering it) is FABULOUS!!! You explained concepts so clearly that I had never considered or understood before. Thank you for this blessing that you have given me!!! You truly have a gift of helping others to see the WORD...I find myself reading the book Slowly because I don't want to finish reading it!! I am only half way through it and I find myself saying, "wow, I see it now." I thank GOD that he has opened my eyes to the truth and the word...and to understand it is sooo exciting!!

May GOD bless you for blessing me,
Kim T.
"My Review"
– Judy M. –

Dear Don,

I don't know if you remember talking with me several weeks ago as I called CSN to get some information about your book. We talked awhile and I didn't realize I was talking to THE AUTHOR. Ha! You told me you were on Facebook, and I looked for someone with a hat on, but there were many Don's wearing hats, so unfortunately I never found you. I told you I would email you after I finished reading it.

I received my copy of your book, Precepts of the Blessed Hope and just finished reading it. If you could have been a fly on the pages as I was reading, you would have heard my jubilant thoughts as I couldn't help but exclaim them aloud... "Wow"...I was awestruck for the very first time as I have never read anything like this before! My ears were popping and my eyes were opening...You are a very gifted author perhaps by the Holy Spirit. I loved all the typology and parallels you gave. They all made perfect sense. I just don't see how anyone could deny these precepts. I feel different somehow like I have shared in some mystery revealed. I think I have been waiting for your book a long fact, I know I have...and the pre-trib is right on!

I did not realize we as the Church have a completely different covenant than those of the Jews and Gentiles...And also that the Feasts of Tabernacles (7 days) so obviously parallels the 7 year Tribulation and the Hallel Psalms equals the Martyred Saints in Revelation. It's "connect the dots"...

I look forward to the Rapture and seeing the Son of God...I believe it could be very soon. I also believe the secrets are being revealed because the time is short and we are to be He doesn't come as a thief in the night for the Christians...I plan to keep my lamp lit...

I also thought it was neat that when Isaac came to get his bride, Rebekah, that it was at hence our Lord will come at night for us...? Cool...

Thanks again for the revelation...I just told a girl at the gym about the book as she noticed I was reading some material on Revelation by Dr. Woodrow she wrote down the name of your book and I also told her about the radio station (90.7 FM) here in Woodstock, Georgia.

I look forward in hearing from you...if you have the time...There aren't many in my sphere of friends I can talk to about the pre-trib Rapture because they don't really understand that this is a time to look forward to and find comfort in...somehow, it scares them...I wish I could make them see that it is "all good" if you are a true believer.

God Bless!
Judy M.
"I enjoyed your book very much"
– Jon T. –

Was God finished with Israel as a nation once Jesus died on the cross? What happened to Israel in the New Testament? Did the Church take their place as God's, chosen people? Is God now done with Israel?

Don Mills addresses these questions and many more in "Precepts of the Blessed Hope!" He shows us that Israel is still God's chosen people, also how the Old and New Testaments are tied closely together, showing us insights and types of our "Blessed Hope!!"

Thanks Don, I enjoyed your book very much! It was even better the second time through.
Jon T.
"Good Reading"
"I could not put the book down. I received the book on a Thursday and 6 days later I was done."
"Excellent Book"
"Your presentation of the Rapture and setting forth the Replacement Theology issue is truly definitive."
"Love Your Book"
"You explained concepts so clearly that I had never considered or understood before."
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