Precepts of the Blessed Hope
A View of the Types and the Great Light From Above


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About the Author

Don Mills Don Mills was born in Princeton, British Columbia, Canada in 1953. He accepted the Lord in 1974, and after studying the Bible for a few years Don started writing about the Bible. About 1990, Don noticed that some of his friends were all of a sudden starting to question some basic Bible beliefs. He felt the need to write about those things, but as the writings progressed over the years, it became apparent that these writings were more for the whole body of Christ. Don married Lois Lindley from Arcata, California in 1977; they have 3 children, Rachel, Travis and Justen. Don worked for Arcata Redwood for 19 years while raising his family; he then moved to Twin Falls, Idaho. Don and Lois then went to work for the CSN radio ministry in its infancy. They watched as CSN grew into a national radio network. Don has been the Station Manager of KAWZ, the uplink station for CSN since its beginning in 1995. Don is also the Program Director for CSN (the Christian Satellite Network).
"Good Reading"
"I could not put the book down. I received the book on a Thursday and 6 days later I was done."
"Excellent Book"
"Your presentation of the Rapture and setting forth the Replacement Theology issue is truly definitive."
"Love Your Book"
"You explained concepts so clearly that I had never considered or understood before."
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