Precepts of the Blessed Hope
A View of the Types and the Great Light From Above


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Precepts of the Blessed Hope (Book Cover) he Blessed Hope of the church is under attack from many sides. In this startling new treatise on the end times, Don Mills answers the hard questions concerning the rapture of the church. At the very heart of this timeless work is the strong underlying support for a pre-tribulation rapture of the church. Precepts of the Blessed Hope uses eye-opening typology to biblically answer many of the positions put forward. Because the spirit of this age is to destroy our Christian faith, Christians should be thoroughly educated concerning the Precepts of the Blessed Hope. Wanting to bring the church of Jesus Christ comfort, Don Mills explores the issue of end-times prophecy, of which there is only one conclusion.

"Now, with a lifetime of study, Don Mills has shared his passion for the myriad of types in the Bible that point to the pre-tribulational rapture of the church. Don is not a crusader for some new theology but rather a careful student of the Bible who writes with conviction and obvious respect for God's Word. Using typology, he guides us to answers that have escaped many about the program of God for our future."

Dr. Woodrow Kroll, President, Back to the Bible International

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Precepts of the Blessed Hope is an excellent resource on the subjects of the End Times and also how believers should respond to prophetic Scriptures.

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Excerpt from Precepts of the Blessed Hope

RuthRuth and Boaz
The story of Ruth, a Gentile, is yet another beautiful type where Boaz is Ruth's kinsman redeemer as Christ is our redeemer. Ruth by faith and because she loved Naomi followed along with her, and Naomi is seen as a type of Israel. Ruth proclaims as a Gentile that "thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God" (Ruth 1:16). Her faith and love for the God of Israel are seen so clearly here. It was her faith and love that caught Boaz' eye...

Boaz married Ruth as her kinsman redeemer as Christ responds to us in faith and when we are willing to leave all behind for the God of Israel. Ruth, a picture of the church from her conversion to the God of Israel and to marrying Boaz, did not go through tribulation. Ruth is only shown as proclaiming her faith, serving, resting, and being rewarded. A portraiture like unto the followers of Christ and the beauty is, there was no tribulation from whence she first believed. The love of God for his bride is so pictured throughout the Scriptures it is undeniable.

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The Harvest The Feast Of Tabernacles
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"Your presentation of the Rapture and setting forth the Replacement Theology issue is truly definitive."
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